• Walker v. Carrillo
    Customer service manager’s Jaguar was rear-ended by Ford F-150 driven by defendant Southbound 405 FWY in the HOV lane. Female, suffered a 2-millimeter paracentral disc bulge at the C6-7 level and an aggravation of 3.5-millimeter dorsal spondylotic ridge at the C5-6 level. She underwent an anterior cervical discectomy, an interbody fusion with an interbody graft, plate fixation, and iliac crest bone marrow aspiration. She then followed up with six weeks of physical therapy.
    County: Los Angeles
    Type/Result: Settlement at $500,000.00
  • Nagin v. Odum
    Defendant driver crossed double yellow lines causing head-on collision on a curvy mountainous State Route 74. Trauma RN, 59, fractured her sternum and ribs, tore tendons in her shoulder and labrum. Defendant disputed plaintiff’s damages and the case went to jury that lasted two weeks; Deliberation three hours.
    County: Riverside
    Type/Result: Verdict $561,727.00
  • Williams v. Ae Kyung
    Driver made a wide turn at an intersection causing a rollover. Female suffered crushed right finger, right finger amputation with bone exposure, concussion, neck and back pain. After months of active litigation defendant offered policy limits.
    County: Orange
    Type/Result: Settlement at $1,250,000.00
  • Susan Roth v. Arizona Pipeline Co.
    Rear-ended by a fully loaded ford F800 dump truck. The impact broke
    her seat and pushed her into the vehicle ahead of her. Female 39,
    suffered disc bulges at C5-6, C6-7, L4-5, L5-S1, Lumbar Strain
    and Cervical Strain. Susan underwent two-level fusion surgery.
    County: San Bernardino
    Type/Result: Settlement at $925,000.00
  • Lee v. Powell
    Family with new baby & passenger were forced off E/Bound I-10 near
    Palm Springs. Defendant driver continued speeding but was followed by
    CHP Helicopter and arrested near the Arizona border. Losses included
    wrongful death of baby and passenger. Defendant denied being involved,
    the Riverside District Attorney dropped criminal charges. After
    months of active litigation, Defendant offered policy limits.
    County: Riverside
    Type/Result: Settlement at $1,500,000.00
  • Carol Austin v. Contrast Lighting
    Woman rear-ended by three-axle truck and trailer on 405 freeway,
    injuries to neck, back, elbow, hip, wrist, disc protrusion and ruptured disc.
    After three cervical epidural steroid injections Carol underwent an anterior
    cervical discectomy and interbody fusion at C4-5 and C5-6.
    County: Los Angeles
    Type/Result: Settlement at $650,000.00
  • Engelsman v. Sano
    Driver made an unsafe left turn on PCH; Male 55, injuries to neck,
    right shoulder, back, pain to arms and hands. He required neck surgery.
    County: Orange
    Type/Result: Settlement at $175,000.00
  • Dunlap v. LT Nail Salon
    Mirror falls on customer’s head at nail salon; injuries to head, neck, shoulders,
    arms, hands and some hearing loss.
    County: Los Angeles
    Type/Result: Settlement at $150,000.00
  • Annette Capo v. John Doe
    Woman rear-ended by 17-year-old driver, injuries to neck, shoulders, back,
    knee and ankle.
    County: Orange
    Type/Result: Settlement at $103,000.00
  • Virginia Maciejewski v. Terence Walsh
    Collision with a drunk driver on 405 freeway; Female 72, series of complicated
    neck surgeries.
    County: Los Angeles
    Type/Result: Settlement at $1.2 Million
  • Gregory Lukas, et al. v. Justin Scott Shaw, et al.
    Driver hits County inmate picking up trash; Male 51, amputation
    of both legs below knees
    County: Monterey
    Type/Result: Settlement at $1.9 Million +
  • Wrongful Death - Uninsured Motorist Claim
    Head on impact on a two-lane mountain road
    County: San Bernardino
    Type/Result: Settlement at $1 Million
  • Derboghossian v. Polus
    Driver unknown to him had advanced diabetes hit his head
    on dashboard resulting in blindness
    County: Stanislaus
    Type/Result: Arbitrator Verdict at $1 Million
  • Foster & Fuller vs. City of Los Angeles et- Central West
    Multiple-Vehicle Rear-End Collision; Passengers
    County: Los Angeles-Central West
    Type/Result: Jury Verdict at $716,565.00
  • Yun + 16 Passengers vs. David Hood Trucking
    Tour bus passengers rear-ended by freight liner truck; all passengers were
    hurt when their bus was pushed off the road.
    State: Arizona
    Type/Result: Settlement of $618,675.00
  • Jaquith & Jaquith vs. TDW Construction, et al.
    18 Wheeler loses brakes, runs stop sign and collides with
    vehicle; Female, 46, Pelvis/arm fractures, severe depression
    County: Alameda Superior
    Type/Result: Settlement of $615,000.00
  • Sang Soo Kwon & Sung Sook Kwon v. Irvine First Korean Church
    Wrongful Death- Passengers were in defendant’s vehicle
    when tire tread separated causing the car to lose control.
    County: San Bernardino Superior
    Type/Result: Settlement of $420,000.00
  • Trash Truck Accident – Collision with a building
    52, Male roofer falls back on roof with roofing material
    landing on stomach when defendant’s trash truck strikes
    County: San Bernardino Superior
    Type/Result: Settlement of $335,000.00
  • Cuong Vu v. Joseph Telles et, al.
    Multiple-Vehicle Freeway Accident – Passenger injured in
    6-vehicle accident when semi-trailer crosses highway; Male,
    19, Pulmonary contusion cerebral concussion, multiple fractures
    County: Alameda County Superior, Oakland
    Type/Result: $300.000.00
  • Premises Liability ‐ Slip and Fall
    Plaintiff slipped and fell in a supermarket.
    County: L.A. Superior Santa Monica
    Type/Result: Settlement of $285,000.00
  • Mohammad Zaman, et al v. Ralph E. Umali
    High Speed rearend collision on 1-10; Males, 40 & 7,
    12 chest/abdominal trauma…
    County: San Bernardino City Superior Court
    Type/ Result: Settlement of $205,568.00