Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer California

At Shawn Steel Law Firm the purpose of our legal services is to provide practical resolutions for all kinds of civil cases. Our steadfast commitment is to make certain that all individual’s rights are respected and valued when damages claims are pursued for personal injuries, including spinal cord injuries. Above all else, our aim is to provide a service of exceptional quality but at a very realistic price. Our firm strives to meet the needs of individuals. What we really strive for is justice for our spinal cord injury clients and we will go out of our way to achieve just that.

The Importance of the Spinal Cord

Along with our brain, our spinal cord is the singular most central organ in our body and it is commonly damaged in an accident. The function of the spinal cord is to control all muscles, which include the neck downwards. This means that if any damage occurs the rest of the body could lose all of its ability to function satisfactorily.

The spinal cord does receive some level of protection from the backbone but it can be easily damaged in the event of a slip and fall accident or a road accident.

At Shawn Steel Law Firm, our firm has successfully represented a large number of clients who have been victims of serious spinal injuries due to an accident that was not their fault. We have an excellent representation for winning suitable compensation packages that have assisted our clients in living as normal a life as possible after sustaining a spinal cord injury.

To suffer devastating injuries such as a spinal injury is a terrible burden but when it was due to the negligence of someone else it seems far worse.

Spinal cord injuries occur due to one of the following:

  • Falling from high up
  • Slipping and falling on a slippery surface
  • A car accident
  • A motorcycle accident

Spinal cord injuries normally require a stay in a hospital, and then a long period of rehabilitation. Depending on the damage done to the nerve fibers, an accident victim may suffer from chronic pain, overly stiff muscles and the loss of feeling in parts of the body because of paralysis.

A Spinal Injury Could be Expensive

The price of repairing any damage inflicted on the spine following an accident is generally far higher than even the best of estimates. You have to take into account the loss of income due to time taken off work and the medical costs associated with this type of injury, which could be spread over a prolonged period of time. A severe spinal injury means that the accident victim will probably need help moving around and structural adaptations to their home. The long term budget for anyone who is paralyzed is extremely high.

If the accident and spinal cord injury took place because of someone else’s negligence, then you have a legal right to a compensation package from the person who caused the injury. This is not necessarily an easy process because the insurer of the person at fault, especially if the accident occurred on the road or in the workplace, may try to offer you a small amount that won’t cover all of your costs. You are entitled to the very best payment, as you are the one that has to live and endure the hardships of having such a serious injury.

At Shawn Steel Law Firm, we understand your situation and are prepared to go to great lengths to ensure you get the compensation you need and deserve. At our firm, we want to make your life as comfortable as is possible in your situation.

If you have been the victim of an accident and have suffered a spinal cord injury you should contact us at Shawn Steel Law Firm to arrange a free consultation. At this consultation we will be able to determine if you are eligible for a compensation package. If you are eligible, we ensure that you receive a compensation package that will financially cover you for all necessities. We are proud of our reputation for treating our clients courteously and with the utmost of respect.

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