Bicycle Accident Lawyer California

Shawn Steel Law Firm have been pursuing justice for the victims of accidents throughout California for many years and understand the suffering and trauma felt by any unfortunate person who has had a bicycle accident which was not their fault.

Our attorneys have noted that the number of bicycle accidents has increased in recent years in our state and this is confirmed by official statistics provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. While nobody knows the exact reason why the number of people being injured on a bicycle has increased, against the national trend for any other road accidents, it is possible that it simply reflects the increased number of people of all ages who have opted for this mode of transport.

Cycling should be a safe and healthy way to get around and enjoy our state. It is economical and very few bicyclists can ever be accused of endangering the lives of others. In fact, the vast majority of bicycle accidents are caused when other road users, particularly those driving automobiles, trucks and buses, neglect to drive safely in the vicinity of a bicyclist.

This firm is dedicated to ensuring that our clients are able to achieve a satisfactory resolution of their personal injury claim, whatever the extent of their injuries. We feel strongly that every successful claim that we resolve in the favor of our clients helps to compensate them for injuries they never asked for. It also sends a strong message out into the community that negligent behavior of any type which harms other people will not be tolerated.

What Are the Principal Causes of Bicycle Accidents?

It is a fact that there are a few bicyclists who are their own worst enemies and can cause an accident simply because they think they are immune from obeying road rules like any other road user. However, the vast majority of bicyclists are hit by or forced to avoid other road users who drive without due consideration for the bicycle user. The following are the main causes of bicycle accidents:

  • being hit by a motorist passing too close
  • being hit by a motorist turning directly in front of the cyclist
  • hitting an obstacle after being forced to swerve away from another road user
  • being hit by a door opening on the road side while passing a parked vehicle
  • hit by a driver who is drunk or affected by drug abuse
  • being hit by a vehicle head on that is passing another vehicle in the opposite direction
  • an attack by a dog or other animal that is not under control
  • falling off the bicycle due to an uneven road surface, especially when forced on to the extreme edge of a road.

Bicyclists are more vulnerable than any other road user

It is easy to see why anybody who rides a bicycle is much more exposed and vulnerable to an accident involving a direct hit by a vehicle. There is no protective shell around the cyclist and high visibility clothing, while it should help to identify the cyclist to any other road user provides little or no added protection to the wearer in the event of a fall. In this regard, bicyclists are even worse off than a motorcyclist, who may be wearing tougher and more protective clothing.

The facts speak for themselves. The possibility of being killed outright or seriously injured in a bicycle accident is higher than just about any other type of road user.

Over the years we have seen the results of some horrific bicycle accidents and we are determined in these circumstances that the victims who come to us to make a claim against a negligent driver are given the very best service by our attorneys. We do not hesitate to make a claim for the maximum possible costs of a victim’s injuries.

All accidents can be expensive to the person who has been injured through no fault of their own. It is particularly frustrating that so many motorists think they can get away without paying a thing towards an accident victim’s injury costs, while the victim may be paying medical bills for years to come, if they have had serious head or spinal injuries.

If you, or a member of your own family, has been hit when on a bicycle contact one of our dedicated attorneys here at Shawn Steel Law Firm as soon as your injuries allow you to do so.

While no personal injury claim can be guaranteed in advance, we have had years of experience fighting these sorts of claims and will give you our honest opinion based on that accumulated practice whether your case is likely to succeed if we take it up. We offer a free initial consultation and provide a dedicated and individualized service to all our clients.

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